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See IoT Connectivity and Security in Action at HPE Discover 2018



Connectivity.jpgIt’s hard to overestimate the importance of a strong foundation in connectivity and security for successful IoT projects. In a recent HPE survey designed to identify what works and what doesn’t in IoT, two of the most important principles that emerged were: Verify reliable access to your data sources; and address security, privacy, and compliance holistically from the outset. (You can read a summary of the research and download the full report here: Doing IoT Right: 6 Essential Lessons for business leaders.)

If you’re planning to join us at HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas, you’ll want to find some time in your schedule for the following demos, which highlight the roles of connectivity and security in some exceptionally versatile use cases. (The complete Discover content catalog is here.)

HPE Intelligent Workspaces: The smarter digital workplace (Session ID: DEMO1102). Experience a modern, innovative, IoT-enabled digital workplace. Engage visitors and employees in new ways with guest registration, auto-WiFi onboarding and our employee mobile app. Find desking, meeting and collaboration workspaces using location services and dynamic reservation technologies. Engage in Microsoft 365-based collaboration. Finally, experience smarter conference spaces with dynamic occupancy sensing, multi-device wireless display sharing and IoT room control.

Outdoor environments, where the Le Mans cars race, are getting a technology facelift using HPE’s Intelligent Venue Solutions (DEMO1101). International Motor Sports Association racing is fast and furious. Race cars are at the very edge of technological innovation. It’s no longer enough for fans just to hear the roar of the engines and breathe in the smell of fuel. Events have become interactive, engaging and technology-driven, allowing fans not only to order food from their seat or find the closest restroom, but to be engaged before the race starts and continue that experience after they leave. Let experts from HPE Pointnext show you how.

AI meets IoT: Smart cities and smart parking (DEMO1214). Explore how an intelligent, unified data and analytics platform built to host smart city use cases can promote and facilitate the democratization of data across the smart city. Developed by HPE Pointnext experts, the smart parking use case and its underlying unified data architecture demonstrate machine learning analytics on real-time parking data. You can also see how these analytics are used by the city’s consumers as well as by city managers and officials.


5G_blog_sm.jpgWe’ll also be showcasing connectivity and security capabilities in these demos from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company:

Aruba Location Services (DEMO1204). By bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, you can engage with both employees and customers in new ways and improve the overall user experience. See how Aruba can help create new business opportunities and efficiencies with wayfinding, proximity campaigns, asset tracking and location analytics.

Secure your network with Aruba ClearPass (DEMO1206). See how next-generation policy management with real-time profiling and enforcement allows for secure employee, guest and IoT access. Learn how context ensures accurate visibility for any user or device using secure workflows and real-time enforcement. The solution includes Aruba ClearPass for both wired and wireless, as well as numerous third-party product integrations.

Security, user and entity behavioral analytics with Aruba IntroSpect (DEMO1207). See how IntroSpect detects, prioritizes, investigates and responds to advanced hidden attacks. We’ll be highlighting use cases related to compromised users, IoT security and ClearPass integration. Be sure to stop by to discuss your organization’s specific use cases.

Keep in touch and learn more!

We’ll be posting more news and sneak previews at this blog in the run-up to HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas. Find lots more info on Twitter: @HPE_IoT and @HPE_Discover. To find out more about IoT and Edge Computing sessions, see our welcome blog for the event: IoT: What’s now, what’s new, what’s next? Find out at HPE Discover 2018.

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