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The Magnificent Seven – 7 New Solutions Now Available on HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems


Written by Ron Neyland
Director, Edge Infrastructure SW and Solutions, HPE

In June, 2016 at the Discover event, HPE introduced the world’s first Converged Edge Systems – the Edgeline EL1000 and

These systems deliver the performance required for performing compute intensive tasks in a package that is designed for harsher, non-datacenter environments. Not only does the Edgeline family bring high performance  compute to the edge, it also pioneers the first “convergence” of IT systems ---  compute, storage, and (iLO) systems management, with OT (Operational Technology) such data capture and control systems. No other vendor offers this integration of IT and OT, making the HPE Converged Edge Systems a truly unique tool for IoT and edge IT deployments.

Why is high performance computing needed at the edge? To produce secure, real-time, actionable insights without the delays, bandwidth constraints, and vulnerabilities of sending all the data to the cloud. Why is convergence of OT and IT systems in one box needed? The same reason why you don’t carry a separate camera, GPS, address book, music, and cell phone.  It’s more convenient, less costly, uses less energy and space, and delivers higher reliability – all in one device.

Now, as we work with customers, we are already seeing some of the early business values in the Industrial IoT. For example, predictive analytics can provide pre-failure warnings and enable predictive maintenance.  Integration of legacy systems with new data acquisition devices enable in-depth analysis of operations data and high speed data acquisition and control at manufacturing and production sites.

Since IoT use cases typically require very specialized technological capabilities that go beyond the expertise and resources of a single vendor, collaboration with other experts is key. By working with a select set of companies to pioneer new use cases and solutions, we’re able to extend our market opportunities. This of course, enables us to move broader and faster than we can on our own - and affords our customers the best in class solutions elements.

To this end, we are now introducing seven solution use cases that demonstrate the full power of the Converged Edge Systems.  We like to call them the “magnificent seven” because when they are coupled with the right software, they enable customers to use IoT and edge IT to tackle problems in ways that previously were not practical or realistic.

These solutions (tested and validated by HPE and our Edgeline solution ecosystem) show how customers can leverage techniques such as condition monitoring, real time analytics, machine learning, predictive maintenance, asset tracking and video analytics to drive new business outcomes - all performed directly at the edge using HPE’s Converged Edge Systems.  Additionally, they show how edge IT can be used to extend the way that compute services are delivered to end users. 

The information below provides an overview of the solution and white paper written for each of these solutions, followed by a link to each.

Legacy Manufacturing Integration for Predictive Maintenance

HPE’s new Edgeline Converged Edge Systems and Aruba Networking products are being positioned to be the platforms of choice for the emerging intelligent edge in manufacturing plants. The whitepaper describes the context, fit and value of HPE hardware and 3rd party partner software in enabling seamless OT & IT linkage in a manufacturing plant to transform existing infrastructure to gain maximum cost-efficiency. The benefits of this solution are that it will eliminate waste, improve productivity of employees, improve collaboration between the support staff, enable better process and machinery monitoring in the factory, and create a more secure production and supply chain environment.


Real Time Analysis and Condition Monitoring with Predictive Maintenance

Terabytes of data from industrial systems is constantly being generated out on the edge. Tapping into this data source is key in driving better business outcomes through IoT. Flowserve, HPE, National Instruments, and PTC have collaborated to create an industrial condition monitoring with predictive maintenance solution that runs in real- time entirely at the network edge. The solution brings together leading edge pump technology combined with the latest data acquisition methods, secure wireless, edge computing, and analytics platforms. Plant owners and operators can now economically instrument all of their machines and instruments to proactively detect and diagnose faults for optimal performance, longer uptime, and lower mean time to repair.


Real-Time Data Acquisition Monitoring and Control

As the amount of data generated from smart connected “things” grows and the frequency at which it is collected increases, so will the need for systems that can acquire and analyze the data in real-time. Real-time analysis is enabled through edge computing. HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems converge real-time analog data acquisition with data center level computing and manageability, all within the same ruggedized chassis. This solution explains the role of HPE Converged Edge Systems in real-time data acquisition, monitoring, and control for IoT applications, in conjunction with data acquisition and control hardware and software from National Instruments.


Enabling Data Management at the Edge

One of the most important and challenging tasks facing a company’s business and operations teams is how to get the most efficiency and productivity from the product creation and delivery process. Whether a company builds cars, produces food and beverages or explores for and delivers energy products, there is a need optimize the business operations at each step of the delivery process. One of the key ways to accomplish this is by collecting and analyzing data from the operations process. This solution describes how the use of OSIsoft’s PI System with HPE’s Edgeline systems for managing and processing data at the edge, enable the deeper insights that customers need to improve their business.


Video Analytics at the Edge

Video analytics can be a crucial element to an IoT project by providing the ability to analyze images captured from one or more cameras for specific information. Whether securing a plant, understanding and managing the flow of people in a retail environment, managing material flow or capturing and understanding vehicular traffic patterns, the HPE Autonomy IDOL software package running on the HPE Edgeline family of products can provide the video analytics capability required. This solution explains the use of video analytics to achieve improved business objectives.


Asset Monitoring and Management

This solution demonstrates the use of HPE Edgeline Systems with AT&T’s M2X IoT platform. The Edgeline Systems collect data from a variety of sensors (temperature, humidity and weight) using WiFi, USB, PoE and GPIO. The Edgeline Systems forward the data to the AT&T cloud portal via LTE. The AT&T M2X software is used to collect the data, analyze it and provide the user with a cloud dashboard to monitor their environment. In this specific demonstration, the M2X platform is used to monitor the environment and manage product inventory. The Edgeline Systems run Linux and the M2X software stack.


The Intelligent Edge Workspace

As user needs evolve, companies are adopting new models for delivering workspace compute capabilities to their end users. This typically includes enabling working from multiple locations using a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets or phones. In conjunction with these evolving needs, there are now requirements to better enable the end users in remote scenarios such as branch office and other remote locations. To address these needs, Citrix and HPE are developing an edge appliance that will provide a Citrix based mobile workspace capability that can be rapidly deployed and easily managed.  This appliance model delivers excellent user experience by putting high the performance HPE Edgeline EL4000 Converged Edge System, running Citrix Mobile Workspace software near the user desktop.  This also affords connectivity to Citrix Workspace Cloud services to insure user data integrity and removing complexity of local management.  This solution is capable of scaling to meet larger deployments as your organization grows.


We look forward to bringing new use case solutions to you in the near future.   If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them here.

For more information on our Edgline family of products, please visit:

Ron Neyland

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