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The Three M’s of Perpetual Connectivity


There’s pent up data with deep insights in devices, people, buildings, the environment, and other “things.” Economic digitization and network deployments are driving improvements across all industries via “perpetual connectivity.” Perpetual connectivity is when businesses and organizations stay continuously connected to their products, customers, processes, and environments. A common example of perpetual connectivity is my smartphone and service provide is always connected to me (sometimes to the disappointment of my colleagues and family).

Via your smartphone, your behaviors are continually known, ranging from how much you use a function or app, to what you buy, to where you are. Through 24/7 sensor monitoring of an industrial pump, maintenance personnel can know if and when service is needed, and equally important, not needed. Today, connectivity is no longer considered a convenience nor in many cases an option; it is the expectation for a growing number of enterprises and customers across a variety of industries. Buildings, cars, security and home-monitoring systems, and pets, are also perpetually connected. The IoT today has achieved celebrity status as the way to connect.

Widespread understanding of its value is driving this shift toward connectivity anywhere, any time, and on any device. What is the value of perpetual connectivity? Just think, what would you do if you could be always connected to your customer, your product? This notion affords numerous opportunities for businesses, from real time knowledge of product usage in a particular market, to proactively updating devices and facilities, to compelling customers to purchase a product.


Number of Devices in the Internet of Everything Graphic.png


Source: BI Intelligence Estimates, Marketing Opportunities for the IoT, 2014

I like to portion the value of perpetual connectivity into three high-level categories, or the three M’s: Monitor, Maintain, Monetize. These three M’s of perpetual connectivity deliver a number of key benefits:

  • Monitor: Continuous monitoring offers ongoing knowledge of products and services improves business performance by enabling faster response times, greater productivity, and real-time improvements or future product improvements.
  • Maintain: Enhanced monitoring capabilities allow enterprises to push upgrades, fixes, patches, and management as needed, maintaining standards while streamlining the development process.
  • Monetize: Seamless and ongoing connectivity between employees and customers allows organizations to motivate others to take some action, such as purchase a product via selling up, or enhance cost savings, efficiency, or productivity.

To capitalize on the benefits of perpetual connectivity, enterprises must seek new ways to enhance data management and response capabilities right at the edge of the IoT, and improve connectivity technologies. I view the confluence of operational technology (OT) and information processing software, hardware, and communications technology – to be the substrate of the IoT. Because of this, we’ve pioneered first of kind technologies such as the HPE Edgeline Converged IoT Systems, expressly designed for the IoT and the campus, branch, and IT Edges. Let me invite you to have a look, we can help you be a first mover and command the edge.

I also invite you to follow me on Twitter at @TomBradicichPhD.

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Dr. Tom Bradicich is VP and GM for Servers and IoT Systems at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He was named in Computer Reseller News’ (CRN) Top 25 Disruptors of 2016 and the Top 100 IT Executives of 2016. Tom is known for managing the introduction of innovative products and businesses, recently creating a new product category “Converged IoT Systems”, with HPE Edgeline Systems, expressly designed for the IoT edge. Tom's data center server products have received an InfoWorld 2015 Technology of the Year Award, the 2015 ARM TechCon Best of Show Award, a CRN 2015 Product of the Year Award, and swept all six categories of the 2016 IT Brand Pulse Leader Award.

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