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Activating the Intelligent Edge: Blurring the lines of IT/OT to build an intelligent enterprise



Quentin Jones profile pic.jpgBy Quentin Jones
Global IOT Practice Director, Accenture.


Together, HPE and Accenture, are working to facilitate the transition to The New, so your business can leverage the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). We understand that current legacy systems are failing to support the digital transformation and oil and gas companies must harness the power of data to drive more value out of the Production process. A critical aspect of this digital transformation is establishing an Edge Computing environment that captures real-time data from all connected things on your oil rigs, along your pipelines, in your refineries, and in your retail stores. The analytics made available through this real-time data provide timely and comprehensive insights for your company across the entire process flow, giving your company a dynamic competitive edge.

The HPE | Accenture Alliance leverages our deep experience in oil and gas, which enables us to design solutions that solve your business challenges today and help you prepare for the next steps in the IIoT revolution. The professionals at HPE and Accenture offer “out of the plant” experience that we use to design each unique Intelligent Edge solution, while recognizing the differences between IT and OT, speaking the language of both teams, and bridging the gap between them. Understanding the evolution of our product and service lines enables us to recommend fit-for-purpose offerings that match your business needs.

HPE and Accenture design Intelligent Edge solutions that remove the limits imposed by legacy IT systems. For example, rather than wrestle with latency that slows data delivery from thirty minutes to hours, you can deploy an Intelligent Edge solution, designed to capture high-frequency data and deliver it where you need it.

By shifting compute to where the action is, Intelligent Edge solutions from HPE and Accenture:

  • Ingest real-time high-resolution data
  • Create a complete picture of events
  • Apply analytics to identify root causes and possible solutions
  • Incorporate deep machine learning to predict problems before they occur
  • Enable true visibility of what’s happening in the field or in the plant


Meet with IoT Oil and Gas experts at the HPE IoT Connect Partner Wall (DEMO1312) at Discover Madrid on Wednesday, November 29 from 9:30 – 10:30 am. We will be presenting on how we are working with HPE in activating the Intelligent Edge and building an Intelligent Enterprise. We are building a best-of-class Video Analytics solution utilizing HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems that are enhanced with the power of Nvidia GPU’s, Accenture Data Science container-based algorithms, and Point Next EaaS (Edge-as-a-service) OPEX models. Accenture will also highlight how they are building scalable analytic solutions for clients in the industrial and consumer spaces by highlighting an industrial analytic solution for oil and gas companies. This solution utilizes GE Predix Edge and bespoke analytic model for early detection of mean-time to failure on high-pressure salt water disposal pumps. This demonstration will be showcased on a visualization application created by Accenture interactive.

You can also learn more at our breakout session: Activating the Intelligent Edge: Blurring the lines of IT/OT to build an intelligent enterprise from edge to core on Tuesday, November 28 at 11:00 am (B4507, in N108).

Lastly, visit the Riojano Restaurant on November 29 at 3:30 pm, where Accenture will be hosting a theater session: Rise of the Industrial Magicians: How IIoT and open innovation are propelling energy and manufacturing into the new and now industrial revolution!

Together, HPE and Accenture can help you digitize your business by Activating the Edge and Simplifying the Core. We look forward to meeting you at Discover Madrid! Follow us @accenturetech.

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Empowering the Digital Enterprise to be more efficient and innovative through data-driven insights from the Internet of Things (IoT)
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