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Bringing a state-of-the-art IoT architecture online in Aachen


Neil Dallison profile pic.jpgBy Neil Dallison
WW Business Development, Edgeline IoT Systems

In Germany, a dynamic industrial partnership is bringing together researchers from one of Europe's most renowned engineering institutes and advanced technologies from four of the world's top IT and industrial vendors. The partnership, based at the eLAB at RWTH Aachen University, is building a generic IoT architecture that will become the basis for a turnkey manufacturing solution. The group is using an actual production line at the eLAB to demonstrate how the IoT architecture will work.

RWTH Aachen university.jpgThe eLAB project will showcase a manufacturing scenario--the production of Lithium-Ion battery cells for electric vehicles. Researchers at the university are building out a sophisticated assembly line using a production-grade IoT platform developed by HPE, OSIsoft, PTC, and National Instruments.


The generic, joint architecture will demonstrate how state-of-the-art industrial IoT solutions can be used to improve production. Three use cases will be highlighted:

  1. Data integration and condition monitoring based on live manufacturing data as well as historical data.
  2. Increasing product quality by focusing on parameters that determine product outcome, as well their dependencies.
  3. Augmented reality to improve maintenance by plant operators.

The project has broad implications for all kinds of manufacturing firms interested in leveraging data and insights from IoT sensors on the industrial edge, and turning them into actionable intelligence that can drive automation, reduce unplanned downtime, improve transparency for safety and compliance, and ultimately deliver better efficiency and product quality.

IoT architecture developed by top researchers and leading IoT vendors


GettyImages-603706229_800_0_72_RGB.jpgBatteries are one of the main cost drivers for electric vehicles. In addition to requiring expensive components, making Lithium-Ion battery cells is a complex operation that requires a high degree of precision and extensive testing. Aachen University PEM (Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components) is a key institute within the university’s European Industrie 4.0 Transformation Center , with deep expertise in the mass production of car batteries as well as other elements of next-generation vehicle design and assembly. PEM was the perfect academic partner for HPE to work with to devise and demonstrate conceptual use cases for IoT.

Initially, HPE’s Edgeline IoT systems and HPE Aruba Wired and Wireless Network solutions will enable a proof-of-concept for data management and condition monitoring of the manufacturing steps. The Edgeline and Aruba converged architecture enables aggregation of data from industrial sensors, through data interfaces, controllers, IT hardware, and software for data analytics and monitoring of operations, in a ruggedized platform with enterprise-grade IT management, secure connectivity, and networking.

Other leading vendors will support the solution architecture with specialized tools and components. These include:

The IoT-enabled battery production takes testing and analytics to the next level, bringing significantly improved production efficiency, enabling enhanced product quality, decision-making, and faster time-to-production in a modern Digital Factory.

Manufacturing companies will be able to visit the facility in Aachen to experience the production line and this Industrial IoT solution. To learn more about how you can join, leave a message in the comments section.

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Neil Dallison profile pic.jpgNeil Dallison is WW Business Development Manager, Edge and IoT Systems, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, leading business development at HPE for the evolving Edge and IoT systems and services market, engaging in partnerships with global industry ISVs and SIs to promote joint technology value propositions and business use cases for sales growth, with a focus on Telco Edge, Manufacturing operations. Also in charge of the development of strategic client projects, engagement with global account managers and senior management for HPE strategic business opportunities at major corporations.
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HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems are powered by Intel Xeon.


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