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Expedition to the Heart of the Internet of Things at HPE Discover: Explore the IoT Demos


Where the digital realm meets the physical, the Internet of Things is creating vibrant new technologies and environments. If you’re heading to Madrid for HPE Discover 2017, join us for an expedition through some of the most exciting IoT terrains. We’ll be offering a self-guided tour through smart agriculture, future cities, automated in-plant auto testing, the future of design engineering, connected manufacturing, and more. Here’s a sneak preview:

Stop 1: Turning data into foodGettyImages-495332577_RF_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
HPE Universal IoT Platform and Smart Agriculture (DEMO1316)

Let’s start at the connected agriculture station in the middle of the IoT Zone, where you’ll notice sensors, cameras, and a dashboard for monitoring crops.

This is where you can see IoT-enabled precision agriculture in action. Low-power sensor networks gather data on many of the crucial variables that affect agricultural outputs, including air humidity, soil moisture and temperature, and even the maintenance requirements of equipment. Growers can assess the state of their deployed sensors and devices – whether they’re online and functional, for example – in real time. Communication can also be bidirectional; devices can perform actions such as turning on or off water valves, based on soil saturation levels. Learn how HPE services, infrastructure, and data platforms can help you leverage data to raise crop yields with the Internet of Things.

Stop 2: Building services for sustainable citiesGettyImages-642785498_super_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
The Citizen-Centric Future City (DEMO1317)

After leaving the smart agriculture demo, head toward the center of the exhibit hall, where you’ll find a display of the sensors, cameras, and devices that are helping to create the city of the future.

Smart cities must be able to accommodate growing populations and meet the changing needs of citizens of all ages without sacrificing ease of transportation, safety, or the aesthetics of the built environment. Securing the best return on taxpayer investments requires matching citizens’ needs to the right technologies and the right data. Learn how you can merge existing and new data sources to automate age-old services like trash collection, parking, and public safety.

Explore the many ways that IoT can help you monitor environmental factors such as temperature, CO2 levels and noise levels. HPE’s IoT technologies and services can help you deliver unprecedented levels of service for sustainable communities.

Stop 3: Enhancing quality assurance in manufacturingGettyImages-483559919_RF_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
Accelerating Manufacturing with HPE Edgeline (DEMO1313)

Walk around the back of the previous stand and look for … a car door! While it may seem a little out of place without the rest of the vehicle, this is actually a great way to show how forward-thinking companies are leveraging the IoT to test products during final assembly. Learn how auto manufacturers can test doors or other vehicle subsystems by connecting to the car’s diagnostic port with HPE Edgeline IoT Systems running National Instruments’ LabVIEW systems engineering software.

Don’t miss this demo if you’re involved in quality assurance in manufacturing. Ask one of our experts at the event how you can use edge computing to accelerate your plant’s processes and enhance the testing environment.

Stop 4: Accelerating product engineeringHPE20160512040_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
Manufacturing in the age of digital transformation (DEMO1113)

 Across the aisle, you’ll see the manufacturing zone, where you can check out the latest in smart product engineering.

Reducing the lead time needed to convert an idea or a design into a ready-to-sell product is crucial for manufacturers that want to stay ahead of the competition, comply with industry regulations in a timely manner, and meet rapidly rising customer expectations. For engineering and design teams, that means getting new product designs into production sooner without sacrificing quality, while supporting an ever-increasing number of product variations.

At this stop you’ll learn how IoT can help you improve product development cycles, from concept to final validation, with advanced prototyping and simulation. Explore live integration between digital product design, prototype evaluation and sensor-based testing. Learn how HPE’s Smart Product Engineering platform enables engineering, design and production teams to collaborate remotely to diagnose and resolve issues. 

Stop 5: Increase precision of video analytics with edge computing GettyImages-569263615_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
AI platform for video analytics (DEMO1314)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) are here to augment human capabilities. HPE partnered with technology leaders to build an analytics platform that allows for real-time analytics at the edge, increasing precision and timeliness – AI and DL techniques excel at extracting rich metadata from video, so the user can easily focus on attributes of interest. HPE solutions like Edgeline Converged Edge Systems and NVIDIA Tesla GPGPUs, with software from our ISV partners, create the perfect platform to do real-time secure video analytics and management at the edge.

There’s more, of course, a lot more than I have space for here. To see more demos and sessions and create your event schedule, check out our Custom Agenda Builder.

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid! You can register for HPE Discover 2017 Madrid here.

Follow us on @HPE_IoT for more IoT news during the event.






HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems are powered by Intel Xeon.

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