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For a successful IoT project, know where you’re going and how to get there



By Yanick Pouffary
HPE Distinguished Technologist

Industries.pngIoT is a complex undertaking: It involves effort and resources across the enterprise, from both the business and IT sides of the organization.

To successfully implement an IoT solution, enterprises need to think of it as a journey: Visualize the longer-term goals—the destination—and design an adaptable blueprint for how to get there – the roadmap. A good strategy will set goals that satisfy business and ensure a well aligned IT and OT, charting milestones and incremental progress and establishing checkpoints to provide feedback and adjust as needed. It’s a tall order—how do you pull it off?

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise we’ve seen our customers struggle with IoT projects that didn’t succeed or that faced unforeseen challenges—often because end-to-end alignment and communication faltered. So we decided to help.

The IoT Transformation Workshop is a hands-on, one day, in-person program designed to help early adopters avoid typical setbacks and missed expectations. We’ve leveraged HPE’s experience with major technology transformations and HPE’s significant IoT brain trust to develop a program of surefire best practices that will prevent rework, failures, and regrets.

Why a workshop?

Support.pngThe IoT Transformation Workshop connects HPE experts with your key business and technology stakeholders from the OT side and IT side so that you can define your strategic objectives to exploit the potential of IoT, unify your IoT vision, align key stakeholders, and identify your quick wins.

In a recent blog post, Al Madden summarized the top six lessons learned by IoT adopters who didn’t succeed the first time around. Not surprisingly, change management, lack of complete vision, and poor communication of strategy and goals were among the top-cited mistakes.

Similarly, rushing into a proof of concept without having developed a unified vision of your end state is another recipe for failure. My most recent blog post makes the case for the importance of planning big before starting an IoT project. As I point out, many components of IoT will inevitably require reuse and integration within adjacent opportunities. To be successful, companies must plan ahead to create building blocks that enable reuse.

Avoiding the difficulties of such unseen change and missed technology synergies is precisely why HPE developed the Transformation Workshop framework. A successful, long-term strategic journey will help organizations innovate and drive better business outcomes.

What you can expect

Market_growth.pngThe IoT Transformation Workshop is not a presentation or a sales pitch. It is a unique, interactive, facilitated exploration of the path forward. Attendees will simulate an IoT transformation using industry-specific challenges and critical objectives from their own goals.

Integral members of your lines of business, IT and OT are must-haves in attendance, including top strategists from any of these functions: engineering, research and development, production, marketing, security, and even finance. (Bonus value: These functional areas often don’t have a need to talk to one another; the Transformation Workshop can build value across the business by reestablishing broken lines of communication.)

Through eye-opening discussions about best practices and oft-encountered roadblocks, you’ll build a shared vision and learn how to foresee and mitigate issues that might stall your company’s IoT progress. You will leave the workshop with a report of preliminary recommendations. Shortly thereafter you will receive a full report containing:

  • An executive summary to help communicate the shared vision to others.
  • A roadmap for your IoT project that defines vision elements, relationships with adjacent initiatives, inhibitors and constraints, quick wins, and major transformations.
  • Specific action items identified during the workshop
  • Tailored recommendations from the HPE IoT experts
  • Discussion log

The Transformation Workshop is extremely valuable for any organization starting out with IoT—or those revamping an existing implementation.

Planning your journey

IoT is a conscious journey and must rely on a strategy of incremental evolution toward a flexible end goal. But most importantly, it must be based on a strong alignment between the business and IT. The IoT Transformation Workshop is a great first step, one that is purpose-built to avoid IoT beginners’ most common pitfalls.

Want more details on the Transformation Workshop? Download this brochure and contact us to schedule a conversation with one of our IoT transformation experts.

gartner-symposium-miniature.jpgSign up for my session, “Secrets of Making the Internet of Things Work for You,” at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, FL. In this session I will expand on how to navigate the inherent complexity of heterogeneous technologies across the organization and how to integrate them under a single vision and strategy, accelerating your IoT success.


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