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Keep it Close, Keep it Safe - Securing Enterprise Networks Amid an Onslaught of IoT Things


At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of our strategies for the IoT and intelligent edge is a “keep it close, keep it safe” approach. It is based on a simple concept: The closer you are, the inherently safer you are. In IT terms, if data doesn’t travel far from its source, it is significantly less vulnerable. That’s why HPE is helping organizations compute right near the things at the IoT edge, right where the data is captured, avoiding transmissions to remote clouds and data centers.

According to Business Insider, billions of new connections are projected each year, further demonstrating that the ability to capture, process, and analyze IoT data is key to successful Big Data strategies. Enterprises of all sizes are racing to exploit vast datasets from these intelligent devices, and “things,” to uncover valuable insights and ensure competitive advantage.

A Tripwire survey found that 63% of retail, energy, and financial services executives expect to adopt IoT devices to promote efficiency and productivity, despite escalating security risks. An additional 43% reported that risks associated with the IoT pose the greatest threat to their networks. That’s a lot of vulnerability.

Number of Devices In the Internet of Everything.png

 Source: Business Insider, 2015

The IoT, though having achieved celebrity status today, significantly increases the number of security risks faced by businesses and their customers. Any endpoint connecting to the Internet has the possibility of being hacked, and most endpoints have the probability of being hacked. Already, hackers have found ways to breach everything from smart cars to home monitoring systems.

No one debates that organizations must also understand and address these central concerns surrounding the IoT:

  • Data loss or compromise is one of the greatest risks of the IoT, particularly as information is transmitted back and forth across the network.
  • Attack and data loss prevention must become a primary component of IT spending in order to ensure safe and efficient business operations, and should be built in early on.
  • Industry researchers are still in the process of developing newer and better ways to implement security on IoT devices. Organizations must be up on the latest advances.

In order to quickly and securely manage high-velocity data, my team and I are helping organizations take a few crucial steps. First, IT departments are assessing their network IoT architectures to identify current vulnerabilities. Secondly, strategies are forming to enhance security across the network, from the moment of new things data capture all the way to analysis and storage. Finally, legacy systems are being replaced with more integrated and converged solutions to streamline heavy-duty analysis and bolster IoT security.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is introducing edge computing technologies to improve security and data management capabilities while promoting rapid response, all right at the edge. The industry’s first converged systems expressly designed for the IoT are making sensitive information more accessible, reliable, and secure than ever before. The HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems integrate capture, control, compute, and storage into one box to eliminate the need to transfer volumes of data back and forth for analysis, reducing latency and vulnerabilities across the network. And, the robust industry standard Intel Xeon compute platforms at the edge support sophisticated security software, supporting rigorous threat detection algorithms via compute-intensive machine learning.

In addition, Aruba ClearPass, HPE’s secure network access control software, is an essential security ingredient complementing the HPE Edgeline hardware platform. ClearPass easily integrates with existing network infrastructures, enabling IT departments to easily automate and scale rather than letting security become an inhibitor for new digital transformation initiatives.

HPE Edgeline Edge Systems with Aruba ClearPass security is a potent combination against a variety of threats. Shifting compute capabilities to the edge and deploying security-focused software are essential to foster safe, efficient, and successful business. Those who actively invest in these innovations will more safely realize new levels of business growth and profitability. So, stay close and stay safe with us. I also encourage you to follow me on Twitter at @TomBradicichPhD to learn more about the latest edge solutions.

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Dr. Tom Bradicich is Global Head of Edge and IoT CoE & Labs,s at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He and his HPE Labs team develop and commercialize advanced connectivity, compute, and controls software and technologies. Tom directs the HPE Edge and IoT Center of Excellence, which lead company-wide strategies, venture and M&A business and technical assessments, and the Channel-to-Edge Institute channel partner program.

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