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Raise the level of trust in IoT devices at Discover 2016


By Michael Tennefoss
VP of Strategic Partnerships
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Today’s IoT isn’t trustworthy:  It’s a riddle of physical layers, wrapped in an enigma of protocols, protected by a hairball of security.

This state of affairs can be attributed to a gulf between operational technologists (OT)—who develop IoT products and systems for robustness and reliability—and the cybersecurity specialists who reside in IT. The result is IoT devices that will run for years, but are highly vulnerable to attack.  It was thought that using an air gap would protect IoT systems from attack, but the Stuxnet virus proved otherwise—it was transmitted via a USB thumb drive.  So today organizations are left with highly critical infrastructure, business processes, and transportation systems that are loaded with IoT devices and vulnerable attack surfaces.

Awareness is no substitute for action, but in what direction should IT departments move? It’s not economically feasible to swap out all of the IoT devices currently in use with cyber-hardened replacements.  The best approach is to enshroud existing IoT devices with a protective shield and protect the IoT data they generate throughout their lifecycles. Building a trust-based IoT requires collaboration between OT and IT, incorporating the best each has to offer.

Building a trustful Internet of Things

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, will deliver multiple sessions and demonstrations at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016 Las Vegas to show how to bridge the trust gap while at the same time delivering better business outcomes.

Be sure to attend these security-focused sessions from Aruba:

DEMO525 - Policy enforcement, BYOD and IoT management for a secure and mobile business:
Visit the HPE Discover Transformation Zone to see how to combine next-generation policy management with real-time profiling and enforcement to authenticate—and trust—any device that accesses your network, whether wired, wireless, or remote-access. You’ll also learn how context ensures the accurate visibility of any user or device and how Aruba ClearPass, HPE ArcSight, multi-factor authentication, and third-party firewall protection work together as part of the security solution.

TB9666 and T8211 - Connect and protect: building a trust-based Internet of Things for business-critical apps:
The Internet of Things is about converting data into action, but nothing can happen without security. In this theater session, speaker Michael Tennefoss, vice president of strategic partnerships for Aruba, will describe the IoT value chain and how security fits into it. Attendees will learn the eight steps to establishing trust in IoT devices, as well as how to safely on-board new devices to your network regardless of what they do or how they connect.

BB9706 - Securing BYOD and IoT with adaptive trust security:
This session addresses the need for an adaptive trust methodology to secure enterprise networks. Attendees will learn how to solve the challenges created by BYOD technology trends, as well as the exponential growth in volume and diversity of connected devices, applications, and operating systems.

Sign up for any—or all—of these sessions using the HPE Discover 2016 Agenda Builder.  If you haven’t registered for Discover yet, there’s still time!

See you in Las Vegas!

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