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Stay ahead of IoT data growth with HPE Vertica analytics


Jeff Healey.jpgDirector of Product Marketing, HPE VerticaBy Jeff Healey
Director of Product Marketing, HPE Vertica

From thermostats to complex industrial machinery, almost everything you can think of is becoming a connected device. As more “offline” devices are transformed into “online” devices, the data created by the collective Internet of Things grows rapidly.

In fact, machine-generated data is a key driver in the growth of the world’s data, which is projected to increase 15-fold by 2020—representing 40% of the digital universe—according to IDC. For businesses across nearly every industry, generating and collecting exponentially large and detailed sets of machine data represents a huge challenge: How can they derive timely, actionable insight?

For those looking for answers on how to capitalize on the Internet of Things, the following sessions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016, June 7–9 in Las Vegas, have been prepared specifically with your needs in mind.

BB9029: The analyzer of things; deriving actionable insight from sensor data with HPE Vertica
How can value be created from IoT? This session will answer that question, with industry-specific examples of companies that are using contextual insights and integrated intelligence to optimize operations, improve safety, conserve resources, and increase revenue. Attendees will learn how HPE Vertica is perfectly suited to the Big Data challenges of IoT and how it delivers transformative customer value.

RT9036 - Analyze sensor data at the speed of your business with HPE Vertica
This roundtable discussion focuses on the troublesome combination of Big Data and speed. As IoT data grows, organizations will find themselves needing to draw rapid insights from terabytes or even petabytes of data. And the faster they get those insights, the better they can make use of them. Attendees will learn how HPE Vertica can:

  • Boost the performance of data analytics by 500% or more
  • Operate flexibly—whether in the cloud, on premise, or on Hadoop
  • Scale exhaustively to handle today’s—and tomorrow’s—Big Data workloads

Armed with information
How much can you benefit? There is $11 trillion in potential economic impact by 2025, according to McKinsey Global Institute. Already, those that take control of IoT data analytics are winning a competitive advantage in the marketplace, while those who don’t are falling behind. Many HPE Vertica customers report millions in annual return.

Learn how to unlock the value of connected “things” and transition from IoT experiments into differentiated initiatives. Join us at Discover 2016 to propel your Big Data analytics journey forward.


Follow @HPE_IoT on Twitter for more information on IoT-related sessions at Discover.  See you in Vegas!


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