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Take two apps and text me in the morning

Take_Two_Apps_HPE20161020001_smaller.jpgThe Internet of Things (IoT) is fixing what ails the medical industry. It’s relieving headaches in healthcare, improving how doctors monitor patient’s conditions and record individual medical records. The emerging technology is not without its snags, but IoT has the ability to make healthcare healthier. 

The following articles from Enterprise.NXT dive deeper into the benefits and risks of IoT in the medical industry, and what it means for the future of your medical visits, hospital stays and overall health.

The robot will see you now

How intelligent personal medical devices will improve your quality of life. And nag you when you have that extra dessert.

5 ways to cut healthcare costs with predictive analytics

Predictive analytics can help hospitals and clinics meet current challenges and plan for tomorrow’s healthcare needs.

Inside healthcare’s digital future

 What’s the future of doctor visits, preventive care and overall wellness? Here’s an overview of IoT that offers life-changing devices and streamlined processes.

Healthcare Rx: How technology and IoT can help fix a broken system

Healthcare can't get by on bandage fixes anymore. This 67-page industry report explores how innovation across technology and IoT can help fix a broken system.

Smart spaces, smart hospitals

Great healthcare starts with smart spaces: integrated, modern work spaces that bridge the physical and digital world with intelligence designed to maximize resources while boosting team productivity.


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My work with HPE's Enterprise.nxt team gives me a way to share my passion for emerging technology. I love connecting people to innovation, and sharing stories that help others engage with and understand the world around them. I'm a digital nomad, often found traveling with my micro companion KC, a 10-pound mini Dachshund.

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