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The Realities of IoT: Watching yesterday’s ‘what ifs’ come true


Al Madden.png By Al Madden,
HPE Internet of Things Marketing Strategy

The game-changing potential of IoT technology has provoked and excited people’s imaginations. Today, sensor-enabled things are everywhere, measuring and analyzing all kinds of data to gain insights in areas as diverse as garbage collection, stadiums, racing, and manufacturing, and beyond.

We would like to congratulate and highlight a number of our customers who are delivering transformative advances in efficiency, convenience, and safety. As a result, IoT is driving a new business reality. It is helping create a data-driven digital economy that is disrupting—and creating—business models, turning age-old trades like garbage collection into a state-of-the-art service with important upshots for smart cities and fleet efficiency.

Similar transformations are underway in wide-ranging industries. Here are just a few recent examples from HPE IoT customers around the globe:

Sanitation: Data-driven and sensor-enabled efficiency
BH Technologies, a French electronics manufacturing company, makes sensors for garbage and recycling receptacles to optimize the timing of public trash collection. BH’s sensors make it possible to improve garbage service and reduce overall collection time by 50 percent. Additional benefits include reductions in noise, carbon dioxide emissions, and vehicle wear and tear. Learn more about how BH Technologies is optimizing waste management in this case study.

Manufacturing: Predictive maintenance and innovative business models
Kaeser Kompressoren, a German maker of compressed air equipment, performs real-time analytics on sensor data from customer equipment. They use this data to maximize availability and efficiency, saving millions annually and reducing downtime by half. They’ve also used the IoT infrastructure to launch an air-as-a-service business model, helping them move costs from CapEx to to OpEx.

Sports/Entertainment: Location services for enhanced customer experience
Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. is a state-of-the-art venue hosting football matches, and concerts, among other large events. The stadium uses GPS positioning beacons to give guests access to an unprecedented level of service and convenience. Sports fans can use their mobile devices to locate their seats, find a bathroom, or discover the food and beverage choices near them wherever they are. They can even order food from their seats or find the shortest lines for the bathroom or concessions.

Racing: Big Data analytics at the edge of the network
DS Virgin racing, makers of high-performance Formula E race cars, uses extensive in-vehicle sensors to create sub-second analytics that help the racing team optimize vehicle performance and conditioning. Sensors in each vehicle report on its speed, location/position, RPMs, braking efficiency, and pit timing, analyzing driver choices to find areas for improvement. Over time, data on the electronic power train and general efficiency (for example, cornering) can help DS Virgin improve future car design.

Today’s IoT success stories
These are powerful stories, but there are many more successes reported to us from our customers in every industry and every region of the globe. Visit our IoT page to learn more about how HPE customers are using our technologies to transform their businesses in the Idea Economy.

It’s clear that IoT technology is surpassing expectations, turning yesterday’s musings into today’s reality. It’s impossible to imagine just how far continued innovation in IoT can take us.


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