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Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?

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Robert Yung

Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?

In HP's Smart Setup CD, it includes utilities to configure my Emulex SAN card settings, such as boot options and WWN stuff. Is it possible to copy the SAN config utility to a local partition so it's accessible from EFI?

I have rx2620 and rx4640s that don't have virtual media support, so it's not possible to remotely load the Smart Setup CD.

If anyone is curious, our internal procedures require us to take Ghost images of servers for quicker recovery and refresh. The Ghost boot disks use WinPE, which don't support WOW64, and so can't run the Ghost client, which is a 32bit application. To get around that, I've assigned a SAN drive to one of the servers and installed Windows onto it. So whenever I need to create a Ghost image of the local drives, I just assign the SAN drive to the server, configure the bios to boot from the SAN drive instead, and then continue with the imaging. The only issue is that for the bios to see the SAN drive, I need to make some changes with the Smart Setup CD, which would require a trip to the datacenter to load the media.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?

You may want to ask this question in the ITRC forum, either Servers > Integrity or Microsoft:
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?

Hi Robert,

If you need to configure the fibre channel adapters like Qlogic or Emulex from EFI shell then you need to do the following:

1) run the drivers command and find the driver handle number (xx) for your card.
2) run the drvcfg command to find the
device numbers (yy) that driver handle is managing (can be more then one for dual port cards).
3) run the command 'drvcfg xx yy -s'

This will launch the configuration utility from EFI shell.

i.e. for a Emulex card:

Shell> drivers
== ======== = = = = == == ============================== ===========
11 00000010 B - - - 9 16 PCI Bus Driver PciBus
12 00000021 B - - - 6 1 SCSI Bus Driver Scsibus


49 00000120 B - - - 1 2 Smart Array 5x/6x Driver v1.20 S=00 B=16 D=4 F=0 I=1
4E 00002160 B - - - 2 2 Intel(R) PRO/1000 v2.16 EFI-64 S=00 B=1C D=1 F=0 I=0
53 00000258 D - - - 1 - Smart Array SAS Driver v2.58 S=00 B=23 D=1 F=0 I=1
55 00031114 D X X X 2 - Emulex SCSI Pass Thru Driver Elxcli311a4 <-----


Shell> drvcfg
Configurable Components
Drv Ctrl Lang
Drv Ctrl Lang
Drv Ctrl Lang
Drv Ctrl Lang
Drv Ctrl Lang
Drv Ctrl Lang
Drv Ctrl Lang <---
Drv Ctrl Lang <---

3) drvcfg 55 56 -s
or drvcfg 55 57 -s

This will launch the Emulex EFI-Bios utility

If you are looking after utilities that are on the SmartSetup cd or on other sources and you want them available in the EFI shell, then you could mount the EFI partition on your OS (for Windows this is done with 'mountvol x: /s' where x: wil be the driveletter added in your explorer.
Be carefull what you do with it when it becomes available, only do this for special reasons like the one discussed here to add files i.e. and then dismount it again.
(mountvol x: /d).

During the initial installation of the OS you have the choice to create a HP support partition (HPSP) which normally contains the files for all the cards. This partition is also available then at EFI shell under another filesystem i.e. fs1: or fs2: it depends what filesystems are all available to you at boot time (i.e. USB sticks, CD/dvd roms, hard disks etc etc..


Robert Yung

Re: Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?


I followed your steps from EFI and it got me to the SAN config utility perfectly. Thanks! In what partition do the commands 'drivers' and 'drvcfg' exist or are they built-in commands of the EFI shell? Would I still have access to the SAN config tool if I had Smart Setup only create the EFI partition and not ESP+HPSP+MSR? I tried poking around fs0: and fs1: and didn't see an obvious place where the SAN driver/config tool would be.

I do have the HPSP partition. I think it's on fs2.

fs1: has:

fs2: has:

Is there documentation on how to use the HPSP or what's in it? Can I access the HPSP from Windows? Mountvol can mount the efi but not sure about the HPSP.

As for copying the content from the Integrity Smart Setup CD to an EFI-accessible partition, I'm not sure if that's going to work. I searched the entire CD and nothing ends with .efi so I'm not sure what I would run from there when in the EFI shell.

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?


drvcfg and drivers are build in commands.
Since these commands are build in, they do not depend on the presence of the HPSP, so yes you will still be able to run them if you choose not to create a HP support partition at installation time. HPSP is optional.

EFI only recognizes FAT and FAT32 filesystems. The SmartSetup cd contains two partitions, one is FAT and one is CDFS. The CDFS partition is the one you access when you look at the cd under Windows, the FAT partition is the one you can access from EFI shell and which contaisn the EBSU (EFI Based Setup Utility).

You cannot acces the HPSP OEM partition from Windows, the only partition you can access is the EFI partition (if you mount it) and the Windows MSDATA partition itself obviously.

The HPSP is intended for HP support and it can contain the off line diagnostics (if copied) but you can store files on it if you wanted.

The fs2: directory listing you show seems to be the contents of the SmartSetup CD at EFI (so the FAT partition on that CD) and it is used by the EBSU menu if you boot from the SmartSetup cd. There are also firmware update utilites and files for I/O cards like the Emulex but it can all be done easier via the EBSU menu really.

You can copy files between filesystems at EFI shell using the cp command (copy).
i.e. fs2: cp 'file' fs1:\


Robert Yung

Re: Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?

Kris, thanks for your help.