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Installing External Tape Drive on HP RX2660

Jackie Steele
Occasional Advisor

Installing External Tape Drive on HP RX2660


New to this hardware platform RX2660 HPUX 11.23, and the system will not recognize the new HP Ultium Tape Drive.  I attached the tape to the configured scsi port, powered it on then power the RX2660 and I do not see the tape under sam or through and /sbib/ioscan -f.


Is there a different config procedure for adding this tape drive.


Thanks for your assistance


Jackie Steele

Holger G

Re: Installing External Tape Drive on HP RX2660

Hi Jackie,


as far as I know there is no special procedure.

If the device is connected properly, it should show up in ioscan. - It may just by unclaimed if the correct driver is missing.


Which PCI slot did you connect the HP Ultium Tape Drive to?

What kind of SCSI HBA is installed (ioscan should give a hint)?

Which PCI Backplane is installed (PCI-X, PCI-e or combo)? - You can check that with the iLO/MP command MP:CM> df on I/O Riser Board.

You may even attach an ioscan -f output to your response.



Kind Regards


Holger Goetker

- I work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise -
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing External Tape Drive on HP RX2660

Check the SCSI interface of the tape drive.  If it is HVD (also known as FWD) it will not be compatible unless you have an HVD SCSI card installed.  If everything thing is LVD SCSI, then it should not be mixed with other SE devices (if you are using the internal SCSI port).



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