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RX6600 Product Number AD134A

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RX6600 Product Number AD134A

The server was turn off suddenly two times.
What are the possible problems?
I run a system health on line and alll is OK
Also run hardware diagnostics for memory and proccesors and were OK.
Can I make something else?
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Re: RX6600 Product Number AD134A


- What Operating System do you use ?
- Any error messages in the logfiles prior to the unexpected power off ?
- What is the system firmware revision ?

The servers hardware logs are very valuable to investigate such an issue. To collect them, log on to the iLO/MP port via telnet and run the command SL (Show Logs) then choose E for the SEL and F for the FPL in K (Keyword format).

so i.e. sl -nc -e
sl -nc -f

Run sysrev in the CM menu to find the system,fw version.

You still might have to open a support call with HP.


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Re: RX6600 Product Number AD134A

A better forum for Integrity servers is the ITRC forum: Servers > Integrity Servers: