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can't find raid setup utility

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can't find raid setup utility

I have an rx5670 with a NetRaid-2M card installed. EFI sees the card if I inquire about its devices, so it appears to be installed at and working, at least nominally.

I've been searching all over for the firmware or bios or efi executable or whatever it is I need so that I can configure the raid card before installing an OS (RHEL4). I found one document that refers to the "HP Smart Setup DVD", but I can't find any reference to that DVD on the site.

Can someone point me to the proper utility to download? The part number is P7749A. I can find utilities for Windows, but there isn't any Windows on the machine. In fact, there isn't an OS at all.


:-) Lachele
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Re: can't find raid setup utility

Hi Lachele,

There are 2 ways to configure the Netraid 2M on an Itanium.
1: run the command optload -e 0 from the EFI prompt
2: download Smart Setup CD from
you can run the netraid config from the menu or go to efi shell and go to the efi/io_card/netraid folder and run hpctrm.efi

The first one seems a bit easier to do ;-)

Good luck, Marco