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Re: 1920 - voice and data VLAN with seperate DG's

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1920 - voice and data VLAN with seperate DG's



Hoping someone can help me with this. I'm really new to networking with HP, but I have experience with cisco. I want to achieve what I feel is a very simple thing but cannot seem to get the settings right.


I'll keep it simple:


I have a hosted VoIP solution which uses its own dedicated broadband connection (VOICE DG) , I then have a dedicated "internet" data connection (DATA DG). 


Phones are connected into the 1920 and the PC's into the back of the phones.

The phone traffic needs to be tagged to one VLAN and use the VOICE DG. The PC traffic needs to be tagged as data and pushed out of the DATA DG. 


I've tried all the settings I can but I cannot get a setup that works. I will be using the 1920 as DHCP as well.


I know the 1920 should see that they are polycom phones and tag the traffic to the voice vlan but I'm still not getting it and must be missing a few steps.


Can anyone tell me how to set this up please? 





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Re: 1920 - voice and data VLAN with seperate DG's

If I understand correctly, this should be possible. Each port connected to a phone/PC should be tagged in your voice VLAN and untagged in your data VLAN. Somehow you will need to configure the phones to tag their traffic. Then you will have one port connected to each router, VOICE DG and DATA DG, probably untagged in their respective VLANs. You will need to configure the DHCP server to specify the respective router as the default gateway. I would recommend only assigning an IP address to one VLAN, probably the data vlan, on the 1920 so that it cannot route between the subnets.


You mention using the 1920 as DHCP. I assume you mean you want the 1920 to be a DHCP server. I don't believe it can be. It can be a relay to a DHCP server but not a server itself. That said, your routers should be able to be dhcp servers for their respective VLANs.