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2 laptops


I have a problem connecting 2 laptops via wireless. Both laptops can connect, just not at the same time. When one is connected the other cannot find a suitable IP, the IP it chooses is one starting

This would indicate a DHCP issue, but I could be wrong.

Any help would be great

3C number: 3CRWE754G72-A

Software version: 1.31 (Apr 18 2005 11:14:22)

Boot loader version: V1.4

Wireless version:

ADSL modem version: 13.9.38



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Re: 2 laptops

Hi there.

Few ideas to check;

- make sure both computers have different full computer names under Control Panel > System > Computer name (Assuming they're windows clients)

- Is it the 3Com router serving DHCP on the network? If so, check that you have a large enough pool, and that the two mac addresses aren't fixed and clashing in the Network > DHCP Client List section.

- Check you don't have a rogue/unknown DHCP Server on the network - if you disable the 3Com DHCP Server, can wired and wireless clients still get addresses?

- For testing purposes, if you give the devices fixed IP Addresses, can they communicate with the router/each other? That will help pinpoint if it's a DHCP issue, or another problem like an over-aggressive card hogging all the bandwidth.

- a bit of a cliché, but have you tried a driver update on the wireless cards in the laptops?

- very, very low chance, but do you have a MAC Address clash? If you run ipconfig/all from a windows command line, check the wireless connection Physical Address is different for both connections.

Hope some of that helps. Post back if none of that solves it for some more ideas, or if one of the above solves it, please.