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2610 VLAN routing

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2610 VLAN routing

Hi there,


I am trying to configure the 2610 24Port Procurve Switch.


I'd enable IP Routing, configured multiple VLAN and assigned IP address to each VLAN.


Currently I have the following:

VLAN10, /

VLAN20, /


There is also an access-list that permit traffics from to and the other way around too.


However, I cannot get the two network to talk to each other.


Any idea why? What should I do? did I miss anything?


BTW, is Ip helper also supported with this switch?


Thanks in advance.


Re: 2610 VLAN routing

WIthout the configuration file it is hard to tell exactly what is going on with your routing.


Please issue the following commands on the CLI and post the output:


Switch# show ver

Switch# show run

Switch# show ip route


If I have to make an educated guess, you may have configured the ACLs incorrectly. To determine whether this is the case, try removing the access list from the interfaces and see if the switch starts routing your traffic.


To answer your other question, yes ip-helper is supported on the 2610, see the Advanced Traffic Guide: page 7-26 forward.


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