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Re: 2848 Multicast capabilities

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2848 Multicast capabilities

Looking for clarification on multicast/igmp capabilities on the older 2848 switches.  I see that I can enable igmp per vlan and I have ip routing enabled.  My understanding is that ip routing is very light on this model.  My desire is to have multicast go across vlans.  Is that possible on this model switch?  Seems that igmp only handles the vlan it is assigned to...

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Re: 2848 Multicast capabilities

I had a quick look at the 2600/2800/4100/6100 "Advanced Traffic Management Guide" and it mentions IGMP but not PIM.

For the 3500/5400 there is a manual called "Multicast and Routing Guide" - it mentions that PIM only works if you have a routing protocol (eg RIP) enabled.

Seeing as the 2800 series doesn't support RIP, I am guessing it doesn't support PIM.

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Re: 2848 Multicast capabilities

Thanks Vince!  Came to the same conclusion, but just wanted a second opinion.