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Re: 2920 intervlan routing (another intervlan issue)

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2920 intervlan routing (another intervlan issue)

Hi Guys,

I know that there are a lot of quesiton about intervlan routing on here (and gernearlly on the internet) and it seems that there is some basic information that is either being missed or passed over by us network admins. With that I have run in to the same problem, I am not getting any traffic between vlans.  Can anyone see anything glaring in the below config.

Currently we can ping from the default vlan to its gateway and also the gateway of any vlan that has live connections,  but we cant ping any of the machines on the other vlans - yes I have checked the machines gateway and firewall (which is turned off).  From the non default vlans we are only able to ping that vlans gateway address.

We can ping the machines from the switch

We have tried updating the firmware to latest version and we have gone back to factory defaults, and setup as basic as possible to make sure it works.

This switch will be handling all the company routing so we dont need any ip default-gateway as we will be using static routing on this switch to route external traffic onwards, but just want to get intervlan routing working first.

Switch info:


version: WB.16.01.0004, ROM WB.15.05

Running configuration:

; J9728A Configuration Editor; Created on release #WB.16.01.0004
; Ver #0b:

hostname "HP-2920-48G"
module 1 type j9728a
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
   ip address dhcp-bootp
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   no untagged 7
   untagged 1-6,8-48,A1-A2
   ip address
vlan 101
   name "VLAN101"
   untagged 7-8
   ip address
vlan 150
   name "VLAN150"
   ip address
   ip helper-address
vlan 180
   name "VLAN180"
   ip address
   ip helper-address
password manager

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Re: 2920 intervlan routing (another intervlan issue)

more info:

show ip route

                                IP Route Entries

  Destination        Gateway         VLAN Type      Sub-Type   Metric     Dist.
  ------------------ --------------- ---- --------- ---------- ---------- -----       DEFAULT_VLAN    1    connected                   1          0    VLAN101             101   connected                   1          0         reject                               static                     0          0        lo0                              connected                   1          0


show arp

 IP ARP table

  IP Address       MAC Address       Type    Port
  ---------------  ----------------- ------- ----       0050b6-0fd398     dynamic 1      68b599-fc76a1      dynamic 7

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Re: 2920 intervlan routing (another intervlan issue)

All I am going to say at this point is "I am a Muppet!"

On of the test clients had a ghost secondary gateway, which was not showing in the tcp/ip settings.

Flushed the gateways and readded the correct one and everything starts working.

Note to future self: Always check the clients!