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3CREVF100-73: NAT private addresses

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3CREVF100-73: NAT private addresses

I am using the OfficeConnect Gigabit VPN Router (3CREVF100-73) to sit between two private networks. I can't seem to get the NAT to work correctly, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or not. Here goes:

LAN1 (VLAN1 interface address):

DMZ1 (VLAN2 interface address):

I want a host on LAN1 to be able to telnet to a host on DMZ1. Let's say the host on LAN1 is and the host on DMZ1 is On the tabs under "ACL", I have LAN-WAN, DMZ-WAN, and DMZ-LAN. Do I create an inbound or outbound ACL? The more detail you can provide the better because this isn't really working for me with general intuition (which isn't saying much hah!). I'm primarily based in a Cisco IOS environment, but this particular device needs to now interface with hosts in our network topology.

Thanks so much in advance! :)