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3CREVF100-73 VLAN Setup

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3CREVF100-73 VLAN Setup

I have added a 3CREVF100-73 to my network and have a question in regards to setting up the VLAN.

My setup is as follows:

ISP (FIOS) -> 3COM 3CREVF100-73 (WAN 1) -> Untangle Box in bridged mode -> HP 1800G switch.

I would like to setup some VLANS to separate my FIOS boxes, WLAN and the rest of the networked computers. I would like to add all of the hosts via the switch.  I have setup the VLANS on the 3COM firewall but am confused on the VLAN setup to the switch.  Each of the VLANS setup on the 3COM are configured to hand out IP address via DHCP with the address of 192.168.1.XXX, and 

I am using the Untangle box between the 3COM FW and the switch for the added UTM features of the Untangle box.

The FIOS actually has an Actiontec router which will be connected to the switch.  I have to use their router so that I can get all the features of FIOS for the TVs.  Most of the functionality of the FIOS router have been turned off such as DHCP, FW etc.

1.  Does there need to be only one connection to the switch from the firewall to support all of the VLANS currently configured on the 3COM firewall or does each VLAN port on the 3COM require a separate network connection to the switch.  I have downloaded a lot of information on VLANS, some from 3COM but I do not see where this is covered.

2.  I believe thatIi understand how to set up the VLANS ports on the HP Procurve. 

Thanks in advance,