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3CREVF100-73 sip traffic

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3CREVF100-73 sip traffic

Hi i have 2 sites, one in Norway(A) and one in Sweden(B) connected by a VPN tunnel over 2 x 3CREVF100-73

I have PBX in A, wich also have a SIP phone connection to a swedish supplier.

What happens:   the swedish SIP traffic needs to always go thru the norwegian PBX, otherwise it doesnt work.

The SIP traffic in sweden goes in thru the PBX, over the VPN tunnel to the clients(physical ip phones) and the return traffic goes to the swedish fw then directly to the internet instead of over the VPN tunnel thru Norway

I have tried many things including setting up a route to the swedish SIP supplier thru the FW, but i have not been able to route the traffic correctly.

Is there any way to route ALL traffic from the LAN side of B over the VPN to A and out from that net, as this will fix it even if i then get an extra step for internet traffic?