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I just purchased an OfficeConnect Gigabyte VPN Firewall to replace an OfficeConnect VPN firewall. In the previous firewall I was able to configure remote access using terminal services (remote desktop) to my server by configuring the "virtual server" section. However, I have not been able to locate that section in the new firewall. Can anyone tell me how to configure this in the OC GB VPN firewall for this use? I also need to get pcAnyWhere connections through, but I think if I get remote desktop working I can figure out the pcAW settings (or vise-versa)

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Re: 3CREVF100-73

You need to create an inbound ACL rule for the traffic that you want to allow. In that rule you also specify the ip address of the inside host receiving the traffic.

1. Choose Firewall and ACL in the left hand menu.

2. On the LAN WAN tab you push the Add button under WAN to LAN policies.

3. Under Condition you specify the the source (the outside host trying to get in) and as destination you choose Interface and WAN1 (or WAN2 depending on which you use). Choose the service corresponding to the type of traffic you want to allow in (if the service you want is not among the standard services you should have created a custom service previously).

4. Under Action you choose Allow and as NAT you specify the ip address of the inside host that should receive the traffic. Port can be at Auto.

5 Press the Apply button and you should be set.

Also use section 11.3 in the manual as reference.

Good luck!