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3CREVF100 Port forward

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3CREVF100 Port forward


Here is our product information:

Product Number: 3CREVF100-73

Software Version: 1.0.0

We do have some difficulties to setup inbound rules to access our server from WAN.

As stated in product manual, we do have follow this example:

LAN WAN Inbound Rule

Source: Any

Destination: Any

Service: SMTP

Schedule: None

Action: Allow

NAT > IP Address: 192.168.x.x

Port: Auto

Log: Yes

Figure 11.5. Inbound ACL Configuration Example (page 56 or 70/156)

It seems impossible because we got this message when setting up like that:

"When inbound NAT is selected, destination address should be single IP address or interface."

Too much thinking about this rule... we still can't access any services from WAN.

Is there any update to this "Initial Release Operational Software" ?

How do you setup Inbound/Port Forward ?

Do you have best practices for this firewall (like rebooting each time you change anything in conf) ?

Thanks for your help,


PS: Trying to change rules throught CLI (BusyBox/iptables)

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Re: 3CREVF100 Port forward



I have had the same problem trying to configure my FTP service, I have not yet been able to find a proper solution.


Did you?

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Re: 3CREVF100 Port forward

I have resolved my issue.


I have set an inbound rule:

Source: Any

Destination: The IP of my 3com router assigned by my ISP modem (I confirmed it at Network>>IPSetup>>and on the interface list table I looked for the IP)

Service: FTP


Action: Allow

NAT: IP Address

IP Address: The local IP address of the PC providing the FTP service.

Port: FTP