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3CRUSB10075 windows 7 compatibility

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3CRUSB10075 windows 7 compatibility


I recently upgraded to windows 7. and I'm using a

3CRUSB10075 wireless usb adapter to connect to my

router. upon installation win7 did not recognized my

3com usb adapter, and installed a driver for: "Atheros

AR5007UG Wirless Network Adapter". this made internet

connectable but hardly surfable, the simpelest webpages

took forever to upload.

I then searched the 3com support website for a suitable

win7 driver and came up empty. insted i downloaded the

32bit vista driver and installed that over the atheros

one. Still, connection signal is excellent -

performance is very week.

I should point out that by letting win7 update the

driver version on it's on - it installs the atheros

driver and not a 3com driver...

any suggestions? are there any win7 drivers planned for

the 3CRUSB10075 anytime soon? is there anything else i

can do?