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3CRWDR200A-75 and virtual servers...

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3CRWDR200A-75 and virtual servers...



I just switch from a 3CRDWR101A-75 to a 3CRWDR200A-75 because the virtual servers of the first just stopped working suddenly. Well, the new (well, used) router has also a bizarre issue with its virtual servers abilities: I have a Web virtual server setup that +should+ send all public net requests on port 80 toward a private server that is listening, also on port 80. When I try to access it via the router's static IP address, well I get the router's admin web interface, meaning that the router just does not route to the internal Web server via the virtual server service.


I went pretty much over all the obvious things:

- Updating to the latest firmware (from 3.0 to 3.6.16_WW)

- The Web server is not in the DHCP range;

- The Web server's home page is visible from the internal network


12/19/2011: Adding more infos for people who might know... Although I get the router's GUI when I try to get to my virtual server from the Internet at home, when I try to get to the virtual server from somewhere else, I get a connection timeout... Therefore, the conclusion that the router is not doing its virtual server service although the GUI tells me that it is set t owork :-(



What am I missing here? This is a very annoying thing: I depend on virtual servers to do my job...


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