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3CRWDR300A-73 IPSec VPN tunnles not staying open

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3CRWDR300A-73 IPSec VPN tunnles not staying open

We are having an issue with site-to-site VPN Tunnels between two 3CRWDR300A-73 routers.

Although the two routers connect to each other fine, after about half an hour the tunnel closes, and can only be opened by logging into the router and pressing the connect button, or by resetting the router, which fixes the problem for another half an hour.

How can we keep the tunnel permanently open, including re-opening it if there's an interruption? Is there a setting like the "always connected" option under the internet connection to make the VPN Tunnel a persistent connection?

Both broadband links are on single static IP Addresses.

Here are the IPSec settings being used on the routers:

Tunnel Type: IPSec

Tunnel name: ******

Remote VPN gateway: IP Address

IP Address\Host name: ******

Remote Secure Group

Remote Party ID: ID_IPV4_ADDR

Remote Network Address:

Remote Subnet Mask:

Local Secure Group

Local Party ID: ID_IPV4_ADDR

Network Address:

Subnet Mask:

Phase I IKE parameters

Key Management: IEK Main Mode

SA attribute: Oakley-Pre-3DES SHA-1024

Pre-shared Key: ******

Phase II IPSec Parameters

Authentication Algorithm: MD5

Encrypt Algorithm: 3DES

Key lifetime (>=300sec.): 3600

PFS: Disabled

Diffie-Hellman Group: Group 2

IKE Keep Alive: Enabled

Here is a section of the log file (IP Addresses starred out):

2009.04.09 17:23:37 ******** login success

2009.04.09 17:05:32 ******** login success

2009.04.09 14:20:54 ******** login success

2009.04.09 14:20:49 ******** login fail

2009.04.09 12:27:57 IPSec SA established.

2009.04.09 12:27:57 Initiator, Quick Mode OK

2009.04.09 12:27:57 IPSec connected : Policy name = Provectus

2009.04.09 12:27:57 Initiator, I2

2009.04.09 12:27:57 ***Send packet!

2009.04.09 12:27:57 Start Quick mode, we are initiator.

2009.04.09 12:27:57 ISAKMP SA established.

2009.04.09 12:27:57 main_inR3

2009.04.09 12:27:57 Initiator I3

2009.04.09 12:27:56 Initiator I2

2009.04.09 12:27:56 ***Send packet!

2009.04.09 12:27:56 Start IKE, we are initiator.

2009.04.09 12:27:29 ******** login success

2009.04.09 12:23:55 If(if#3) PPP connection ok !

2009.04.09 12:23:54 PVC1 get IP: ********

2009.04.09 12:23:50 PVC1 (if#3) start PPP

2009.04.09 12:23:49 ADSL Media Up !

2009.04.09 12:23:34 WLAN TEST.....................PASS

2009.04.09 12:23:34 WAN TEST.................PASS

2009.04.09 12:23:34 DRAM TEST.....................PASS

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Re: 3CRWDR300A-73 IPSec VPN tunnles not staying open

Fixed, in the following way:

- A static route was added to each router, to make sure they can route traffic correctly:

Local Route address:

Local Route Subnet mask:

Local Route gateway:

Remote Route address:

Remote Route Subnet mask:

Remote Route gateway:

- Both routers were set to use a different NTP Time server - one in the default 3com settings is inactive, meaning the router time is out of synch

- The following setting were used in the router's VPN Section:

VPN Tunnel Type: IPSec

VPN Tunnel name: *****

VPN Remote gateway: IP Address:

VPN Remote Address: *****

VPN remote Party ID: ID_IPV4_ADDR

VPN Remote Network Address:

VPN Remote Subnet Mask:

VPN Local Party ID: ID_IPV4_ADDR

VPN Local Network Address:

VPN Local Subnet Mask:

VPN Key management: IKE Main Mode

VPN SA attribute: Oakley-Pre-3DES-SHA-1024

VPN Pre-shared Key: *****

VPN Authentication Algorithm: MD5

VPN: Encrypt Algorithm 3DES

VPN key Lifetime: 43200 seconds

VPN PFS: Enabled

VPN Diffie-Hellman Group: Group 2

VPN IKE Keep Alive: Enabled

The tunnel now stays up, and computers can now find each other through the VPN via IP Address. The only issue we've found so far is that from one network, you can't ping or connect to the other router - we enabled remote administration, to bypass this issue. Anyone know of a work-around for that issue?