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3CRWER100-75 blocks all ports

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3CRWER100-75 blocks all ports

Hi Guys,


I got a problem with my 3com router 3CRWER100-75 i been using it on my office for like 3 years with no conplain, yesterday i had to change the ip of my mailserver so i did it and worked fine, just for you to know i'm using the 3com router as a firewall between my external ip and do a nat to my internal ip.


today at noon i got my mailserver down, i checked and find out that wasn't my server, it was the router, it just close all my ports and i cannot be able to open them again, after a long afternoon of reseting the router even updating to the last firmware (1.3.06ww) i got the same result, all my ports are closed no matter how many times i change the firewall configuration.

i'll aprreciate any help on this i had to connect directly to the internet connection to my server


Thanks ;)