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3Com 3C16465B BaseLine 10/100 Switch 24-port

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3Com 3C16465B BaseLine 10/100 Switch 24-port

Good afternoon,


In regards to the above mentioned 3Com switch i've got a question.


Could someone please advise on how to connect the cables properly on this device.


Let me explain below what I'd like to realize using this device:


This switch was placed in an office and when the office was sold they left the device in here. Now i'd like to configure it again properly.

There are network cables from the switch' room allthrough the office and they end up in several network connecting points created in the walls (about 20 different points).


Now the thing is I´d like to connect the internet modem to the 3Com Switch and after that I want to make sure every network connecting point in the office is accessible for the internet through the switch. I have tried one point and that works fine, but I don´t know how to connect the other cables into the switch in order to give them access to the internet as well.


Could you please advise on this?


Also, will it be possible to connect a network printer to the switch in order to make it available all over the network?


Your help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.