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3Com 3CRWDR101A-75 Problem

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3Com 3CRWDR101A-75 Problem

My 3Com 3CRWDR101A-75 router continues blink the Red alert. When pressing the reset button, Online & WLan continue to blink . When i connect the router to my pc using ethernet port, it doesn't respond to the ip or any other ip

I've reset the router because after I upgrade the firmware the old password nor admin wont work, but it was working just fine before the reset

this problem happened to me before but I don't remember how I solved it

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Re: 3Com 3CRWDR101A-75 Problem

That's interesting...the 3Com 3CRWDR101A-75 (HPE SKU JE455A HP V100 ADSL-A Wireless-G Router 3Com WL-552, Manual here) latest Firmware was released 8 Years ago during Year 2010...the router itself was available since Year 2006 or, probably, even earlier during late 2005 (in any case, in terms of design, you're dealing with a device that is - at least - 12 Years old).

Question: isn't now time to change?

I ask you that...not because you're experiencing an issue (issue which, probably, can be easily fixed)...but exactly because - if security is essential to you (otherwise, why updating Firmware?) and, as best IT practice, it should since you're probably using it for its WiFi and ADSL capabilities - during latest 8 Years many things happened in the IT World, many IT (WiFi/DSL related) security flaws were found and consequently corrected by releasing new updated firmwares...and, finally, more performant products touched the market.

Just for security related reasons - if I were you - I'll update that hardware with something that is up-to-date (in terms of Firmware and hardware design) and with somthing that is currently supported with a known roadmap ahead (not yet EoL or in proximity to be EoS/EoL) other terms...something that is "current".

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