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3Com 3CRWER101U Firmware Problem

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3Com 3CRWER101U Firmware Problem

Hi there! I have recently updated the 3Com 3CRWER101U Wireless Router Firmware to V1.09, that I downloaded from 3Com WebSite. The update was successful, but there is a problem with that. Always, when I disconnect the router from alimentation, the configuration is loosed, and I have to reconfigure all the Router another time (or use a backup restore file each time). This is frustating, considering that sometimes the Router gets blocked and I have to hardware reset It. There is any problem with the last Firmware Release? In that case, where I can find the Original Firmware for this Router? Many thanks, regards,


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Re: 3Com 3CRWER101U Firmware Problem

Hi, I did the same firmware update, my problem is different. When I change Wi-Fi Channel from 6 to any other value, and press "save settings" all AP configuration is lost, rolling back to factory settings.

Any help? please email me at mfenoll @ gmail . com

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Re: 3Com 3CRWER101U Firmware Problem

This router has a number of problems as i see.

I described main in detail here in Spanish, also a good related post in English is in this blog.


There is an unreleased firmware V1.10 (Apr 16 2010 18:50:06) available for downloading in above links.


Hope this helps someone, best of luck!