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5406zl static route lost

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5406zl static route lost

We have a 5406zl with routing enabled and 10 vlans. There are two static routes - both working fine.

If a gateway which is the next hop for a static route goes down and comes up again, the route stops working.


The manual says:

IP static routes remain in the IP route table only so long as the IP interface to the next-hop router is up. If the next-hop interface goes down, the software removes the static route from the IP route table. If the next-hop interface comes up again, the software adds the route back to the route table.


But it seems that the static route is not added back to the route table.

If we do a "no ip route" to remove the route and add it again it works again until the time the gateway is not available for a short time.


Softwae is K.15.08.0013


Any ideas?


Kind reagrds


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Re: 5406zl static route lost

Sounds like a good reason to move to dynamic routing: OSPF if you can, or RIPv2 if you must.