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5820af-24xg: Wake on LAN

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5820af-24xg: Wake on LAN

Hi everybody,


I want to forward WOL broadcasts destination port udp 7 with destination IP to three vlans.


With ip forward-broadcast enabled, only WOL packets with the destination IP of the specific subnet (eg. are forwarded, but not with destination IP Anyway, broadcast pakets with udp destination port 7 are not forwarded at all, other udp ports are forwarded (???).


I also tested the udp-helper function for udp 7, and configured "udp-helper server" on the according vlan interface. No luck so far.


Has anybody successfully configured broadcast forwarding with udp 7 & IP





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Re: 5820af-24xg: Wake on LAN



This is what I had saved in my notes:


Comware configuration

# Global enable ip directed broadcast forwarding:

 ip forward-broadcast


# Interface of transmitted WOL (WOL tool) packet

interface Vlan-interface11

  ip address


# Interface of device to be woken, requires interface directed broadcast

interface Vlan-interface12

 ip address

 ip forward-broadcast


Next make sure to use the subnet broadcast address (in this case that would be in the WOL tool.

See attached doc for sample,


Hope this helps,

Best regards,Peter

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Re: 5820af-24xg: Wake on LAN

Hi Peter,


thanks for your reply.


There are two WOL servers in my network.


Server 1 (software management) generates magic packets with directed broadcast. I have already configured ip forward-broadcast, and it works fine. 


But server 2 (ras) generates magic packets with broadcast I did a lot of testing and configuration, but I had no luck with forwarding these packets.


Seems I have to find a way that server 2 also gererates magic packets with directed broadcast.