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5920 Inter VLAN Routing

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5920 Inter VLAN Routing

I have configured a 5920 IRF stack as the core for my customer's new network with multiple 5510 IRF Stacks as the distribution and access switches.

I have multiple VLANs configured on all and I have the VLAN interface on the 5920 stack as the gateway for each VLAN.

Normally I would expect that I can access each VLAN member from a different VLAN member using the 5920 as the core, but I can't. VLANs can all ping and access the 5920 stack. they can ping devices on the other VLAN, but cannot access resources (shared folders, etc) on the devices. If I put the folder sharing computer on the same VLAN as the client, it can be accessed fine.

Is there some security commands I need to apply? With cisco switching I used to have to run an "IP routing" command to get this working, but I can't find anything referencing similar in this case.

TIA for your help..




Ian Vaughan
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Re: 5920 Inter VLAN Routing



you can ping the 5920 as "local default gateway" from a host


You can ping another IP address on the 5920


Routing must be working (which I'm pretty sure is the default on CW7).

If you can't reach a service that is hosted in another VLAN - Are the 2 sets of nodes, in each subnet, definitely both using the 5920 as their default route? If they are using different routers are they exchanging routes properly? Are the IP addresses on the switch correct for the subnets they are servicing and do these addresses match those GW's allocated by DHCP.

Draw the network, preferrably on a big board, annotate all of the subnets and IP addresses. Do some pings, do some traceroutes. Fill in the gaps. Plot the traffic flows. 

You'll work it out :-)

Let us know what you find and hopefully it will also help someone else.



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