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A-MSR900 unaccessible (idle timer expired)

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A-MSR900 unaccessible (idle timer expired)

Hi, guys!

Can't get any help from hp, device has no contract so I'm at my own...

Here is the question: I've upgraded firmware to newest one 2312P20 the date on device was 1/1/2007

then besides other stuff ntp was configured. After date become current device started to refuse

login attempts:
"Failed to log in because the login idle timer expired. Connection closed by foreign host."


can be such a bug at so famous hardware manufacturer's device?

how can the only admin user be expired/disabled/locked/etc...?

what can I do now?




P.S. device at remote office so no physical acces. what can be done at all. is really nessessary remote IT guy


Maybe there is some guest account that can be login and then get management privileges?