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[A5500] Debug packet ip / icmp ?

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[A5500] Debug packet ip / icmp ?

Hi All,

I want to debug ip packet but I have a weird behavior...

I type in user view :

debugging ip packet
debugging ip icmp

The "display debugging" shows me that the above commands are on.

Then "term debugging" and "term mon" : ok, I see informations.
I configure Putty to log all this informations in a file.

I type from a device "ping <one ip>" and I open the log file : I search IP source or destintion but nothing.

The route is :

UTM ( <> H3C VLAN1002 ( <> H3C VLAN100 ( <> CPE ( <> DEVICE (

I check the route and it is correct.

Any ideas, friends ?



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Re: [A5500] Debug packet ip / icmp ?

Pprobably, pinging through the device is handled by hardware , and might not show up in debug.   Pinging the device itself is handled by software , and should show up in debug.

Re: [A5500] Debug packet ip / icmp ?

Bonjour 16again !

Always there to help me ! :)

You're right...
So, how can I debug flow packet (without to configure a port mirroring) through the switch between 2 devices ?



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Re: [A5500] Debug packet ip / icmp ?

Traceroute might show (some of) the path taken by packet.
Use traceroute from both sides, to investigate forward and return path 

Re: [A5500] Debug packet ip / icmp ?

Thank you, it's resolved :)