ACL for 5406

Andrew Ferris
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ACL for 5406

We have a device that acts as a phone home box for some equipment.  It only needs to a route/access to our firewall and no other internal VLANs aside from the one it is on. I don't have a test network to work this out so I'm asking here.


I want to have an ACL or ACLs that allow traffic on/in VLAN 400 and also only allows routed traffic from VLAN 400 to one IP on VLAN 110 (


But does not affect any other inter-VLAN traffic/routing as we have a few other VLANs that need access to VLAN 110.


VLAN 400


VLAN 110



The topology is pretty simple:


Device -> 2650  <->  5406 <--> Firewall


thank you for any advice or help with my first procuvre ACL,