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LAN Routing
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Adding default route(s) using track nqa and redistributing into OSPF

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Adding default route(s) using track nqa and redistributing into OSPF

I have three sites (Ring) connected using Gig links with OSPF running over the WAN links.
Two of the sites have Internet connections (no BGP) with static routes.

To control the egress I have configured the static routes to be placed in the routing table only if a track nqa is positive.
These are then redistributed into OSPF with different costs.

nqa entry admin default_route
type icmp-echo
destination ip a.b.c.d
frequency 1000
next-hop w.x.y.z
reaction 1 checked-element probe-fail threshold-type consecutive 5 action-type trigger-only

nqa schedule admin default_route start-time now lifetime forever

track 1 nqa entry admin default_route reaction 1

ip route-static 0 w.x.y.z track 1 preference 5

ospf 1 router-id
default-route-advertise cost 1000 type 1
import-route static cost 100 type 1

When the primary Internet egress track goes negative the default route is withdrawn and ospf
populates the routing table with the second default route (preference 255).
The issue is when the prmary track goes positive the route is not redistributed into OSPF and I
have two sites with separate routes to the internet.
Manually failing the secondary default route causes the primary default route to be redistributed
into correctly into the routing protocol.

I need the primary to be repopulated into OSPF automatically due to Internet charging on the
secondary link

Any help appreciated

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Re: Adding default route(s) using track nqa and redistributing into OSPF

Same here, did you find any workaround?