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Aruba - Unify - Trunk Group

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Aruba - Unify - Trunk Group

Good day.


I am busy with a integration / new installation on a customer site and I need to combine 4 x 1Gb ethernet ports between a Aruba 6300 and a Ubiquity Unify switch.

Can that be done (is it compatable) between the 2 switches and is a Trunk Group the way to do it ?





Re: Aruba - Unify - Trunk Group

Hi @Jacovr !

If your switch is Aruba CX 6300 Switch, then the way to go is link-aggregation group. More information can be found here - 


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Re: Aruba - Unify - Trunk Group

...and the Ubiquiti side should be explained here (go with LACP and you should be good). Other than well forming the links aggregations on both ends and interconnecting both peers through these new logical interfaces, you should also pay attention to their VLAN memberships to ensure required VLANs to pass through these interfaces (I mean: check/configure Native VLAN Id and, if any, other VLAN tagging...that's to pass/admit them - by matching those configurations on both peers' ends- through both aggregated logical interfaces).

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