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Bonjour Configuration on Procurve 8200 and HP wireless

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Bonjour Configuration on Procurve 8200 and HP wireless

I'm running all procurve switch infrastructure as well as wireless, MSM765zl controller and a mix of MSM422 and MSM425 Access points.  I have an influx of iPads coming my way and all the users want to print and use airplay.  Problem is I have existing wired PC's with projectors connected to them, displaying on interactive whiteboards.  My plan is to either use the reflector program or airwatch runningn on the PC and have the iPad stream it's screen to the PC so that i can be displayed on the IWB/projector.  I don't have Apple TV's and doesn't look like I'm getting them.  I also will need to get printer working as well.


I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with this and getting bonjour/mDNS working between wireless and wired lan's.  And also if HP has a guide for setting something like this up, I haven't found one (yet).


Basically in each building I have an 8200 at the core and it's running layer 3 services and then I have some number of IDF closets with access layer 3500 and 5400 switches where the wired PC's and access points are plugged into.


Was hoping not to have to use bonjour gateways as I have many buildings with many vlan's. 


Any help/advice/direction would be greatly appreciated.