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Bugs with 3CR858-91 and software version V1.13-168

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Bugs with 3CR858-91 and software version V1.13-168

1. V1.13-168 (Mar 21 2008 11:57:49)

this is a 2009 release, why does it say 2008?

2. VPN saves will not happen with safari browser after you change the IP Schema

3. DHCP Client Lists will not update effectively and will not always list what is connected nor will it always announce the host name.

currently i have 17 items actively connected to my router, but only 4 are showing. one of the items showing (WD sharespace 2 gig NAS) is not displaying its network name.

some items like slingbox (if i can get it to show in the DHCP list by resetting it and the router over and over) when i go to set it to static IP (required work get the item working correctly) it will change to the new IP then the name of the item will disapear.

4. when setting up the router to be accessed outside the network on port 8000, it will not always acess (reseting the router will get it to sometimes)

5. VPN tunnels with ptpp will only connect if no encryption is set on the mac. L2TP/IPSec will not connect on the mac at all (using built in mac connection OSX 10.5) PtPP tunnels do not get network access and are usually quickly timed out.

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Re: Bugs with 3CR858-91 and software version V1.13-168

issue still not resolved, now router seems to lock up and random


i have same issues as other posts. 3com, please respond as a dealer i

am getting increasingly unhappy with lack of response to support.

Phone support was no help. they wanted me to buy a contract just so i

could report these bugs.

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