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Can't Ping the Vlan's Gateway

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Can't Ping the Vlan's Gateway


Thanks in advanced.

Please refer the Diagram I have attached here. As shown in the drawing I have 3 switches connected together. CORE-SW, SW-1, and SW-2.

SW-2 has Vlan 5,6 and 35 (as well as in SW-1). Vlan 5 being the management Vlan it has a Vlan interface with an IP (also the SW-1 has been assigned its management Vlan and Vlan 5 with an IP 

And the CORE-SW has 3 vlan interfaces for those Vlans presents in the SW-2 respectively, and

As shown in the diagram when I connect PC-B to port Gig 1/0/13 (which is configured as an access port for Vlan 6) I can ping its gateway from the PC-B.

But when I connect the PC-A to port Gig 1/0/1 (which is configured as an access port for Vlan 35) I can't ping its gateway from the PC-A (I have assigned all the IPs correctly on the PC-A where the IP is mask is and the gateway is and the PC-A's windows firewall has been disabled ).

I can ping SW-2’s management IP, I can log into Switch SW-2 via SSH and I can log into SW-2’s web interface as well.

Please refer the diagram with the configuration files I have attached (Configurations). 

Please help me to solve this problem.

P.S. In reality CORE-SW, SW-1 and SW-2 have several other Vlans but for the sake of this situation I have only shown only the considering Vlan configurations in the text files.



Re: Can't Ping the Vlan's Gateway


Could you please provide display diagnostic-information  or atleast display running-configuration from all the three switches.

Thank you!

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