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Can't rest to factory OfficeConnect 3CDRW101A

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Can't rest to factory OfficeConnect 3CDRW101A

Hello Folks,

I had this nice officeconnect 3crwdr101a for 13 month now it is working just great.

Yesterday I tried to configure it to use WDS with another router. Had some problems decided to disabled encryption on the 3COM router it asked to restart and I said ok.

Now it is keeping on restarting since then. I tried to reset to factory default with no luck. Of course you would ask how you know it is keeping on restarting and what is the annomalies you  see

When you power the box on

Alert is constant on

Power is constat on

LAN port leds all flashes then goes into sequence on/off from right to left, left to right.

Alert goes off things are fine

Alert starts to blink

Wlan lights up

The box resets repeating the same sequence


I don't know what to do with it, so please please try to think and help me I am out of all ideas. Let me know if you need any more details too.