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Configuring LACP with Vswitch - 2910AL24G

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Configuring LACP with Vswitch - 2910AL24G

I just purchased a HP 2910AL24G switch and I'm trying to establish a LACP trunk between the switch and the Vswitch on our VMWare ESXi 4.0 server.


I'm just curious if I need to put all 10 ports coming from the server into a single trunk group (trk1) and then enable LACP on each of those ports (I don't know whether to user active or passive)


Another question, we have a DLink DGS1248T Layer 2 switch in our network also.  The switch doesn't support LACP.  How many cables should I run to it to pair the two switches together?  Should 2 be enough?  Currently we have a non-LACP 6 port trunk running between the two DLinks we have but that is probably overkill.