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Consolidating 3 VLAN's into 1

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Consolidating 3 VLAN's into 1


I currently have 3 VLAN's that I am managing for the same building. I want to change this to be one VLAN and one scope. I currently have these networks:

VLAN1 /24

VLAN2 /24

VLAN3 /24

I want to remove VLAN2 and VLAN3 and make VLAN1 a /22 to accompany all of the VLAN2 and 3 addresses.

My hope is that the static IP's in VLAN2 and VLAN3 would still communicate through VLAN1 with the new scope. I would need to re-tag all of the switches in VLAN2 and VLAN3.

Would this work? Has anyone done anything like this before? I am wondering the best order to do this in.

1. Disable Scope for vlan 2 & 3

2. Re-configure VLAN1 to /22

3. Switch tags from 2 & 3 to VLAN1

4. Test connectivity


Re: Consolidating 3 VLAN's into 1

But all your static IP's on systems have to have the new netmask /22 they need the new netmask in order to calculate the new broadcast address

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Re: Consolidating 3 VLAN's into 1

You are right. I was hoping I didnt have to do that because of our old novar controllers. I will have to figure out how to switch their subnet mask.

Thanks for the reply!