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Creating a new Network, Vlans, MSTP, IGMP

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Creating a new Network, Vlans, MSTP, IGMP


I'm looking for help setting up and creating a network.

The network is for IP CCTV and Acess Control.  It's standalone and not shared or accessed externally.

There are 5 main cabinets containing a mixture of 1920 Office Connect switches (POE for Cameras) and 1820 Office Connect Switches (non-POE for doors).  The cabinets are linked by an 8 core fibre switch.

There are two edge switches connected via CAT7 cable to the core switches - please see PDF.

Connected to the switch in the control are;

3 X NVRs

3 X Decoders

1 x Server PC for Access Control

1 x Client PC for CCTV & Access COntrol

1 x Printer

I've set up at the moment on a subnet of and using IP addresses to

I.E. for cameras, for switches and NVRs and for Access Control Units.

I'm new to networking so have little idea.

So, I need to create 2 x VLANs and configure MSTP. And also IGMP querier.

One VLAN for CCTV traffic and the second VLAN for all other traffic.

I need the client PC to be able to ping the whole network.

Can anybody help a layman?