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DHCP Repaly from a MSR 2020 to another

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DHCP Repaly from a MSR 2020 to another

I am trying to help a customer who has several sites in their netwoork. 

They are running HP MSR-2020 routers at each location.. 

The routers are setup with a Ethernet 0/0 interface on the LAN side and a GE 4/0 or another interface used on the WAN side. 

I can ping from one side of the WAN connection to the other. 

We're trying to remove a DHCP server from the remote office location. 

We don't want to use the Router as the DHCP server. We want the DHCP server to be placed at the remote site (main office). 


The subsite  we'll call OSC has a DHCP server at present that we want to move the scope of the DHCP to the DRE site. This site already has a DHCP scope for the LAN at that site. 


We would manually setup the scope on the server, and we would setup all the DHCP reservations and such there as well. 

What we're finding is that with both of the scopes there and in the advanced menu of the router, setting it up as a DHCP relay agent for the server which is the server that hosts the other DHCP scope for the remote sites (main office) DHCP. 

We can't get the DHCP relay to send the DHCP packets to the server at that location. 

In fact, when I go into the router GUI, I go to the Advanced menu, then DHCP, I leave the DHCP server disabled

I go the DHCP advanced menu then I configure the DHCP relay to point to the IP Address of the remote server. 

THe local LAN is 10..101..110.0

The DFG is

I can ping from any machine on the local lan to the sevrer we want to host the DHCP  (

I just can't get the Router to forward the DHCP packets. from the local lan to

Do I need to set something up on both ends of the router? 

Should the DHCP relay traffic be routing over the WAN link? It's a 10 Mbit Fiber connection which connects the sites. 


Any help is appreciated.