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Dynamic Gateway support?

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Dynamic Gateway support?

Hello, I have 3com OfficeConnect Router 3CR858-91.

Connection setup through PPTP.

My problem is, the ISP uses dynamic gateway IP (like and switches the IP from time to time)

3com router doesnt support dynamic gateway from what i found, cause after setting it to domain name instead of IP it keeps rebooting untill i set factory defaults again.

Only way i get it work, use dynamic IP connection, ping then enter the IP to router settings for PPTP. But the IP changes, so i gotto do that once in a while :(

It worked fine on D-Link routers (cheap ones), so there should be a way 3com can make it work too.

Is there any work around for this other than manual editing IPs? Or any hotfix?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I have the latest firmware installed ofc :

3C number 3CR858-91

Software version V1.13 (Mar 21 2008 14:28:04)

Boot loader version V2.0

Hardware version 01